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We understand buying a new TV can be a daunting prospect. That’s why we speak your language.

Hisense TVs stand out from the pack with handy features that aren’t just marketing fluff, but enhance your all-round viewing, gaming and browsing experience. We did our best to explain them in terms everyone can understand.

Scroll down and find the right TV for you without losing yourself in the tech lingo.

Experience the Surreal Tech. all new 2022 Line Up.

The Talk.

With so many TVs out there, it can be hard to choose the right one. Our new TV range offers everything you need to get the best TV experience and satisfy all your wants and needs.

Choose a viewer profile that best describes you to learn about what you should watch out for and which Hisense TVs are the best fit.


For film buffs with a flair


If you love going to the cinema and have enough room to spare at home, you cannot go wrong with a Laser TV. The huge screen size is sure to invoke that same movie theater feeling, while the high resolution picture will make sure you never miss a detail.


Ever wanted to see the world through the eyes of Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese or Peter Jackson? To experience movies the way their creators intended it look for a TV with Filmmaker mode and IMAX Enhanced features.


In case you spend a lot of time in front of the screen, you’ll want to get a TV with an Ultra Viewing Angle so you can get the best view no matter where in the room you sit.


For fast-paced action aficionados


Different sports matches take place at different times of day. Dolby Vision IQ ensures your TV experience won’t be affected by changing light conditions in the room.


Until we invent a TV teleport machine, there’s no way watching a match at home will ever feel like actually being there. Today, however, OLED TVs are the closest thing that comes to the real thing since they really bring out the colours to make you lose yourself in the action.


Because the best sports matches are fast-paced, look for a TV that comes with 120Hz Ultra Motion and MEMC technology that eliminates any blurring and halo. Having a dedicated Sports Mode feature is also a plus.

For avid gamers


OLED screens offer the best gaming experience. Vivid colours and fine details make for a truly immersive experience, while thin frames and low weight allow you to move them with ease whenever you’re in the mood for a face-to-face co-op.


To enjoy the best gaming experience on your TV, seek out TVs that come with Game Mode Pro or Game Mode Plus. These modes utilize special AI algorithms that optimize picture quality and minimize lag while gaming.


Smoothness is everything, so look for a 4K 120Hz TV that comes with VRR for a more fluid and detailed picture. The best gaming TVs are low latency for lag-free viewing so ALLM is a big plus. To take smoothness a step further, check if the TV has a Free Sync feature.

For true TV addicts


Used to falling asleep in front of the TV? Get a TV with a sleep timer that turns off while you’re catching some z’s.


If you use one or more streaming services, Smart TVs are a must. They allow you to stream from all of your favourite platforms and download additional apps to further enrich your TV content.


Different Smart TVs come with different operating systems, so make sure you choose one that’s user-friendly and simple to navigate like Hisense’s VIDAA OS that offers rich global and local content, voice control and high responsivity.

32" - 43"

Baš ono što vam treba, za novu dodatnu sobu (spavaću sobu, dječiju sobu, studentsku sobu...) – Konačno je vrijeme za drugi televizor kod kuće.

50" - 60"

Veći TV je veća avantura. Uronite u svoju omiljenu emisiju i proživite apsolutnu stvarnost u svojoj dnevnoj sobi. Odaberite svoj novi TV.

65" - 100"

Stvorite vlastito kino iskustvo sa sadržajem koji volite gledati svakodnevno. Jer zaslužujete to.